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between space / book by gary blaise

Book Layout & Design


How it came about:


Once it was determined that it would be in paperback form I wanted to ensure that it would be the best paperback possible with no apologies for that format.
My first inspiration was The Medium is the Massage by Marshall McLuhan - designed by Quentin Fiore. Probably the coolest paperback book ever. 
But after reading Gary's manuscript I realized that the complex ideas presented could not be treated that way. In fact it turned out that my job was to give the chapters some air and space to cushion the density of ideas.
My second design inspiration was the early work of Sister Corita Kent with her great use of color and the way she appropriated pop-culture images to convey her ideas. Gary's book is a science book, but it is also a book about life after death, so I thought it could use a happy vibe contained within a popular book format.
Finally, the last design inspiration was my own stash of rocks I've been collecting for 20 years, gathered mostly from a secret beach in Northern California. I scanned some of my favorites and the shapes became the central design theme in the book. I used these organic shapes at the beginning of each chapter and on the book cover as well. In fact all the shapes in the book except one real circle are from my rocks.
I couldn't be happier with the results.
On another note I never fully understood Einstein's theory of relativity – SpaceTime in particular. Gary explains this in the first two chapters so eloquently that I actually had an Oprah A-Ha Moment finally "getting it"!
So in a nutshell it's a science book that seeks to explain where consciousness is, our connection to it and how our consciousness is an entity with a life of its own…unaffected by death.
Check it out – it's a great little book!


Between Space / Gary Blaise

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